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3,000 years of culture and cuisine

One trip to Rome and you’ll wonder why anyone ever leaves. Here you’ll find the freshest, finest cuisine, relics of historical grandeur and locals who know how to enjoy the best life offers.

Because there’s so much to see, and your time is precious, trust your Rome vacation to the expert guides at AutoVenture. With your private, chauffeured tour, you’ll revel in the architectural, artistic and culinary glories of this classic city without missing a beat.

Starting with the best coffee and croissant (crosetto) in town, you’ll walk past the great, granite Corinthian columns into the Pantheon. Here you can see the tombs of several kings and artists, including the famous Italian Renaissance painter Raphael. Outside, you’ll explore the local food markets, such as at Campo dè Fiori where you will sink your teeth into the most delicious slice of pizza you’ve ever tasted.

You can walk off lunch with a stroll through Piazza Navona and see the glorious Bernini fountain, as well as the splendid architecture surrounding the square. Adding to the experience are the street musicians filling the air.

A visit wouldn’t be complete without a going through the Roman Forums to the Colosseum. Because you’re AutoVenture’s special guest, you’ll be whisked through the long queues to get in. Inside, you’ll revel in the tales of the great Roman ceremonies, circuses and staged battles held in ancient times. Then again it’s time to eat, this time some Arancini (rice balls), stuffed with mozzarella, ham, tomato sauce and eggplant.

Save some room for a trip to the Jewish section to enjoy some delicious fried artichokes, available in the spring. You also can tour the impressive Hebrew Museum, and there are plenty of kosher cafes and restaurants. A final stop on the tour is a tongue-tantalizing taste of authentic gelato.

Ah, if one could wish for a bottomless stomach, it would be in Rome …

For those unfamiliar with Rome, an AutoVenture guided tour is the surest way of getting closest to the culture, and of capturing an unforgettable land.

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