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Half Day City

Discover the two cities of the Hungarian capital on this 4 hour sightseeing tour. Begin in the heart of Pest, at Heroes’ Square. This expansive, airy plaza is surrounded by the Museum of Fine Arts on two sides and the city’s largest park on another. Rising from is center is the Millennium Monument, a triumphant column erected to mark the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian state in 1896. Extending from the square is the Andrassy, a wide boulevard lined with some of the city’s best architecture. At its west end, pass the Hungarian Parliament, a Gothic Revival palace and the city’s most recognizable landmark. From there, cross the Danube to reach the hills of Buda, atop which you will find the Fisherman’s Bastion. Here you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama over the entire eastern side of the city from a fairy tale arrangement of towers and ramparts meant to evoke medieval walls. Finally, climb still further to the Citadella on Gellert hill, where viewpoints overlook both Buda and Pest, along with miles of the blue Danube in both directions.

4 hrs

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Half Day Castle district

Above the right bank of the Danube rise the hills of Buda, long its own city and now the western half of the Hungarian Capital. Explore its monumental palaces and equally impressive views on this 4 hour tour. The journey begins at the Fisherman’s Bastion, named for the guild responsible for guarding the area in the medieval period. Instead of ruined walls, you will find romantically imagined Gothic towers from the 19th century that host the city’s most famous viewpoint. Behind the ramparts is Matthias Church, a late 14th century Gothic church, instantly recognizable by its colorfully titled roof. Continuing to the southern end of the hill, pass the Presidential Palace before arriving at Buda Castle. Originally a medieval fortress, it became transformed into an increasingly colossal palace with several renovations during the Habsburg period, particularly after the recognition of Hungary in 1867. The palace spans hundreds of rooms, and features several impressive statues in its garden vistas.

4 hrs

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Half Day Godollo Palace

Escape the urban hustle and admire the relaxed luxury of the Godollo Palace on this 4 hour day trip. Located a short drive northeast of the capital, Godollo is the country’s largest and most famous Baroque palace. Built by a Hungarian aristocratic family in the 18th century, the palace was purchased by the Habsburg Monarchy and declared the royal residence after the formation of Austria-Hungary in 1867. Godollo’s fame and patronage came from Queen Elisabeth of Hungary, wife of the Austrian Emperor, who appreciated its tranquil surroundings and the refuge it afforded from the strict formalities of the Imperial court. Today, wings of the palace have been restored with remarkable accuracy to their appearances from both the pre-Imperial and Imperial periods. Finally, enjoy the surrounding the Godollo Palace Gardens.

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Half day Official Guide

4 hrs

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Full Day City

Although not as famous as a Paris or London, Budapest has the sights, culture and history to make it truly one of Europe’s best. On this 8 hour city tour, see firsthand the best it has to offer. Begin the day in Pest, at the eastern bank of the Danube River. Crowning the blue waters is the majestic facade of the Hungarian Parliament. A sweeping Gothic Revival palace of white facades and red spires, it is the most recognizable symbol of Budapest. Its dome rises a symbolic 96 meters, representing the founding of Hungary in 896, and the opening of the building itself 1000 years later. Next is St. Stephen’s Basilica, dedicated to Hungary’s first King and its patron saint, whose preserved right hand remains on display as a holy relic within the church. Follow the Andrassy, Hungary’s national boulevard, to the State Opera House, one of the grandest and best tuned in Europe. Across the river in Buda, at the Fisherman's Bastion, you will find romantically imagined Gothic towers from the 19th century that host the city's most famous viewpoint. Behind the ramparts is Matthias Church, a late 14th century Gothic church, instantly recognizable by its colorfully titled roof. Finally, pass the Presidential Palace before arriving at Buda Castle.

8 hrs

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Full Day Danube Bend

Journey upstream from Budapest along the Danube on this 8 hour tour of the Hungarian countryside. The first stop is the town of Esztergom. As the capital of medieval Hungary, it became the center of the Hungarian Catholic Church, a title it still holds. The Esztergom Basilica, built in impressive Neoclassical style, is the most recent incarnation, and is the largest building in Hungary, and commands an impressive view from its perch above the Danube. Still more spectacular views await at Visegrad. Built on a promontory over the river, the site holds both a medieval castle and a Renaissance palace, each of which once hosted the King of Hungary. Finally, visit the charming town of Szentendre, home to cobblestone streets, yellow Baroque facades, and red tile roofs. The town has a unique culture, formed by its role as both a haven for Greek Orthodox Christians fleeing the Ottoman Empire, and as a colony for Hungary’s most notable artists.

8 hrs

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Full Day Lake Balaton-Herend

Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, and one of Hungary’s most popular summer retreats, is the focus of this 9 hour day trip. The first stop is the town of Herend. An otherwise sleepy hamlet (population 3,500), Herend is known worldwide for its porcelain and ceramic workshop. Continuing south, you will reach Lake Balaton itself. Originally the refuge of Hungarian aristocracy and vintners, the lake became one of the most popular vacation spots of the Eastern Bloc during the Communist Era, and continues to be today. Begin with the Tihany Peninsula, regarded as having the best panoramic views of the lake, as well as an 11th century abbey and the nation’s most luxurious neighborhoods. Finally, visit the resort of Balatonfured, where renowned medicinal springs and lakefront vistas complement the town’s famous wine industry.

9 hrs

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